What Is GMC Super Cruise?

red gmc driving down a mountain pass

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Even if an autonomous vehicle isn’t available or in the cards for you just yet, you can still get some comparably amazing assistance behind the wheel on the highways, especially if you purchase a newer GMC with Super Cruise. The biggest difference in this long-awaited enhancement to regular automatic cruise control capabilities is that Super Cruise can autonomously change lanes. Check out how GMC has transformed hands-free driver assistance, and discover which models have this amazing feature.

Super Cruise makes use of cutting-edge technology to offer easy and convenient hands-free driving. Even changing lanes is now hands-free thanks to Automatic Lane Change and Lane Change on Demand. It’s safe to say that with all of these features at your service, your commutes will never be the same again.

Super Cruise, the first truly hands-free driver-assistance technology for suitable roads, is available as an optional feature on the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali and Denali Ultimate models, the first 2023 Yukon Denali Ultimate model, and on the Hummer EV Pickup and SUV. More recent models have three notable features over past versions of Super Cruise:

  • Trailering: Tow your camper, boat, and other items while driving hands-free. Some limitations will apply, so always be safe and check your owner’s manual’s instructions and guidelines.
  • Autonomous lane change: The system can predict when to make a safe lane change. It can then start the move, activating the turn signals as needed.
  • Improved navigation display: When choosing a route, vehicles with the embedded Google Maps app will display Super Cruise compatible roads in the in-car navigation system. This will allow drivers to find and choose hands-free driving routes.

How Does Super Cruise Work?

Super Cruise can provide the hands-free operation of your car under the right circumstances. Its technology interacts with the adaptive cruise control, accelerating, braking, and cruising as needed to keep you in position behind the car in front. To turn Super Cruise off, either press the brake pedal or push the Super Cruise button while maintaining a tight grip on the steering wheel. Please be sure to always put your hands back on the wheel as you return to normal driving.

Super Cruise works with GMC Connected Services and employs real-time cameras, sensors, GPS, and LiDAR map data to help detect when you should turn, steer, and more, such as slowing down in preparation to turn while keeping you at the right pace. Daily commutes and road trips are made far easier with this nearly autonomous driving mode. Currently, the 2022 Cadillac XT6 does not have Super Cruise with Lane Change on Demand.

How To Use Super Cruise

To use GMC Super Cruise, you’ll have to first activate your vehicle’s adaptive cruise control setting, which is usually done from your steering wheel. On your instrument cluster, a white version of the Super Cruise icon will flash or turn on. This determines whether you are on a compatible road to use Super Cruise. If the light is blue, at least one requirement to activate the feature is missing. You may need to be completely centered in your lane before the icon turns white.

For your safety and that of your passengers, always remember to drive responsibly and pay attention to your surroundings, especially while making use of a partially autonomous driving mode, such as the GMC Super Cruise. Ensure that your GPS is available and that the lane markings on the road are all clearly visible. If the road is patchy and seems hard to read, it’s better to drive on your own.

Can You Take Your Hands Off the Wheel While Using Super Cruise?

One of the most interesting features of Super Cruise is that once the dash symbol and steering wheel light bar both become green, you can safely take your hands off the wheel. You should still face forward and watch the road at all times.

It’s worth mentioning that even if you previously had the enhanced automatic emergency braking and forward collision and lane change alerts, with side blind zone alert functions turned off, in some cars, turning on Super Cruise will turn them on again. These functions will return to your previous settings when Super Cruise is turned off.

What Do You Need To Use Super Cruise in a GMC?

Apart from having Super Cruise, you must also have an active GMC Connected Services package. Most vehicles with this feature also have OnStar Emergency Services, so if you are ever unresponsive or stuck after an accident, emergency-certified OnStar Advisors will help you. That said, you aren’t required to keep paying for an OnStar membership to use Super Cruise; however, when it ends, all services will be removed, which will render the call buttons ineffective.

What Roads Will Let You Use Super Cruise?

When GMC introduced Super Cruise in 2017, it was limited to divided roads and was only offered in one Cadillac model, the 2018 Cadillac full-size CT6 sedan. When GMC revealed its intention to extend the areas where Super Cruise would be offered in 2019, this feature became available on many more highways. The device may now be used on more than 200,000 miles of American roads. You can see the available Super Cruise highways in the United States for yourself. Green lines are older, established Super Cruise roads, while blue lines are newer additions.

Which Models Will Get Super Cruise Next?

The Cadillac CT5 will be the next vehicle to have Super Cruise, and then the Cadillac CT4 sedan and Cadillac Escalade SUV will follow. By 2023, 22 vehicles will be equipped with Super Cruise, including the Cadillac LYRIQ. Some brands also have similar systems, but when comparing them all side by side, GMC’s road networks through Ohio and the east side of the country are unbeatable.

GMC Super Cruise combines the automaker’s advanced real-time cameras, sensors, and GPS tracking benefits into one fantastically convenient upgrade over adaptive cruise control. If you’re ready to get your next Buick or GMC vehicle, the Sweeney Auto Group in Ohio has your back. Contact us with any questions you may have or come and visit us and perhaps cruise home hands-free in a new GMC.