GMC Wi-Fi ǀ Youngstown, OH

Great Wi-Fi Features in your GMC Vehicle

Beginning in 2014, GMC introduced OnStar® with 4G LTETM1 and available Wi-Fi so you can have great connection anytime your car is turned on.  It makes any journey more convenient, and with this user-friendly hotspot you canget a connection that’s more powerful than a smartphone or a mobile hotspot2. This fast and reliable connection also doesn’t rely on your mobile device’s battery, and once you complete an initial set up, it’s easy to connect up to seven devices to the internet. With the ability to connect up to seven different devices, you and all of your passengers can each use your favorite device, so everyone can send emails, access online applications, and play games.  Your passengers can stream music, movies, and more, and you can receive and respond messages. 

At Sweeney GMC, many GMC vehicles in Youngstown, OH, feature OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi, which offers great signal quality and bandwidth whenever the vehicle is on.  With a stronger signal, you’ll get a fast, reliable connection for up to seven devices, and this signal is accessible up to fifty feet away from the vehicle.  Whether your passengers want to be entertained on the road or you want to check your email at pit stop, this connection makes it easy to stream audio, check social media, and access plenty of online applications.

Part of the OnStar® with 4G LTETM system of course also includes great Onstar services, which are standard on most models for six months.  These services include Automatic Crash Response, Vehicle Diagnostics, remote vehicle access, and theft recovery protection3. You’ll also have access to great Advanced Diagnostics services, and with the included five years of Onstar® RemoteLinkTM Key Fob Services, you can start your car remotely, manage your vehicle’s Wi-Fi Hotspot settings, and even locate your vehicle.  Exceptional emergency services are also included, such as the ability to contact emergency response, call 911, and receive severe weather alerts. 

Of course the major perk of onboard Wi-Fi is the ability to be entertained, be informed, or be productive on the go.  You can check work emails at a pit stop, your passengers can stream music and games, and you can even answer calls and text with hands-free applications.  Having the OnStar® with 4G LTETM system is a great benefit to owning a GMC vehicle.  At Sweeney GMC, you can see first-hand how the awesome built-in Wi-Fi will make any trip more fun and convenient.  Stop by for a test drive today!


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1. Visit for vehicle availability, details and system limitations. Services and connectivity may vary by model and conditions. 4G LTE service available in select markets. 4G LTE performance based on industry averages and vehicle systems design.

2. Requires compatible mobile device, active Onstar service and data plan. Visit for vehicle availability, details and system limitations. Services vary by model and conditions..

3. Visit for vehicle availability, details and system limitations. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers.