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Free Multi Point Inspection near Austintown, OH


Let Us Inspect Your Vehicle Today!

­Here at Sweeney GMC, the care of your vehicle is extremely important to us. We want all of our customers to experience peace of mind that their vehicle is running at top performance with no mechanical issues. Because of this, we are offering a free multi point inspection near Austintown, OH, at our service department. For more information about the process, give us a call today at 877-360-5230.

The multi point inspection we are offering to our customers provides an extensive assessment of your vehicle by one of the members within our expert service staff. Our staff is here to go the extra mile for you to make sure your vehicle is back on the road safely in no time. We are always offering a variety of service specials, from tires, alignment, air filters, and more – our multipoint inspection is just one of them that you can take advantage of today!

When you come in for the free multi point inspection near Austintown, OH, here at Sweeney GMC, we will check your steering, suspension, wiper blades, exhaust, undercarriage, and more! It starts with a look at your engine. A service technician will inspect the remaining oil life percentage within your vehicle, and determine if it’s time for an oil change. While under the hood, other fluid levels will be checked, including brake and windshield washer fluid to ensure the proper levels. The process will then move to your tires. Do they have enough tread? Do they need to be rotated? Are they properly aligned? These are all questions that will be answered. While examining your tires, your brakes will also be checked. This will include the lines, hoses, and parking brake.


The next step in the process will be examining your wiper blades and the overall condition of your windshield glass. Both front and rear wipes will be checked, and if your windshield has any visible cracks or chips, they will assess if these need further maintenance, as to avoid any extensive damage while driving. One of the worst instances than can occur while driving is heading out for a road trip only to discover your battery is dead. We will test your battery’s strength, as well as conduct a visual inspection of the cables and connections. The rotors, shock absorbers, axles, and more, will also be inspected under your vehicle, to ensure everything is at top performance.

Our inspection process will also check out the inside of your vehicle. If one of your interior lights is out, we’ll change it for you. If you have heating and cooled seats, we will make sure these are performing at top level. In terms of your steering-wheel, we will check out the horn, tilt/telescoping functions, and the various audio controls. Other items of note include the audio system, sunroof, trunk release, and more.

Here at Sweeney GMC, our free multi point inspection near Austintown, OH, leaves no stone unturned. Scheduling an appointment with our service staff is easy, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing every area of your vehicle is performing the way it should. Visit us today at 7997 Market Street in Youngstown, OH.