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If you’ve been having some difficulty deciding between purchasing and leasing, Sweeney Buick GMC is here to help! Both of these financing paths have their own pros and cons, so we’ll take you through the main points of each one. When the time comes for you to decide, you’ll be better educated and readier to make the right decision for you.


We’ll start by analyzing the most common path drivers take, which is to finance a purchase. Typically, the total sticker price of a vehicle is too high for one of our customers to pay off in one fell swoop. Instead, they use a bank loan to break down that cost into increments that they pay back each month with interest. When your plan concludes, your vehicle will be yours entirely. You can pass it down to your children or sell it for a return on your investment. If you want to have the same vehicle for a long time, this is a great choice for you.


Leasing, on the other hand, is a short-term path that provides you with temporary possession of a vehicle. This is a smart option for drivers who might be in one place for only a certain number of years before moving on. Because leasing does not end with you permanently owning the automobile, it gives you the benefit of a less expensive monthly bill. Rather than being calculated based upon the total sales price, it’s derived from the model’s estimated depreciation. If you’re looking for a temporary and affordable option, leasing will be the ideal option for you. Keep in mind, you’ll also have to conform to driving your leased vehicle for a certain number of miles each year. Just as we said, each path has its own particular set of benefits and drawbacks.


After you’ve decided which financial route you’ll take, you can begin your vehicle search in earnest. This can be done through our website in our New or Used tabs. Once you’re browsing through all of our inventory, you can make use of the convenient Narrow Your Search tool, which allows you to add and subtract filters to find precisely what you want. Of course, you might already have some models in mind. If you’re looking for luxurious SUVs, the GMC Terrain and Arcadia are superb choices. If you need a powerful truck, look at a Sierra 1500 or Silverado 1500. Or, if you just need a comfortable commuter car, the Chevy Malibu will get you to your destination in style!

If you think you’ve finally decided whether to buy vs lease near Boardman, OH, then it’s time to stop by Sweeney Buick GMC! We’re conveniently located at 7997 Market Street in Youngstown, OH, and eager to help you attain the ride you want.


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