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Called the world’s first electric super-truck, the Hummer EV is GMC’s first fully electric vehicle and a bold move toward zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles. Beyond its amazing stats as an all-electric, luxurious new model, the GMC Hummer EV is capable of a special crab walk mode to travel at an angle, among other invaluable features. That’s just the beginning of what makes the all-electric Hummer so advanced. Read on to see the full Sweeney Buick-GMC guide on the Hummer EV.

What is the GMC Hummer EV Crab Walk Feature?

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The Hummer EV is available in two body types: pickup and SUV. Crab Walk is one of the three four-wheel-steering drive modes available on both body styles. These modes can be accessed by twisting a dial, with Auto mode as the default. At low speeds on Auto, the vehicle automatically engages four-wheel steering for tight corners if needed. This is excellent for maintaining traction and control, on or off the pavement. The Off mode is best when you prefer traditional steering without the use of four wheels. 

The third mode and our subject today is Crab Walk. This careful access mode is for tight spaces that require forward-lateral motion without turning. Crab Walk synchronizes the rotation of all four wheels evenly, allowing you to drive diagonally.

Why it’s Called the Crab Walk

When activating Crab Walk at low speeds or stopped, you can turn all four wheels in unison up to a 10-degree angle. This causes the Hummer to strafe or crawl diagonally, just like a crab. If you turn past 10 degrees, the front tires will keep up with that motion while keeping the rear tires locked to the 10-degree limit. Hence, Crab Walk!

What Can a Crab Walking Hummer Do?

The Crab Walk mode allows the vehicle to strafe in a diagonal motion. This feature will appear on all three of the initial trim levels planned for release: Hummer EV Edition 1, EV3x, and EV2x. Regardless of whether you’re after an SUV or open-bed pickup truck, once you see it demonstrated or try it yourself, it’s easy to get excited about its potential.

At low speeds, being able to move diagonally allows for greater mobility around a tight corner. The Hummer has always carried a square body that encourages mobility better than other SUVs and pickup trucks. Add an ability like crab-walking to the mix, and the Hummer EV is equally convenient in cities and suburbs. Mostly, though, you’ll probably use the Crab Walk mode to glide out of a difficult passage while off-roading.

How to Crab Walk With the GMC Hummer EV

To enter Crab Walk mode on the GMC Hummer EV, you’ll have to bring the vehicle to a complete stop or keep the steering wheel centered at a very low speed. Then, for four seconds, press and hold the four-wheel steer button. When you let go of the button, you’ll be in Crab Walk mode and prepared to drive diagonally.

Not having to make a multi-point turn to re-orient your vehicle can open up new possibilities and help you feel confident in more crowded or compact environments. Being able to move diagonally may also help provide you with the proper position to escape obstacles like mud, or to reach and connect with another vehicle in need of a tow. It’s the sort of feature that is so brilliantly useful, that you wonder what vehicle wouldn’t benefit from having it.

You’ll Love the New Electric Hummer

The electric Hummer is a first-of-its-kind super-truck designed by GMC to forge new routes for zero-emission vehicles. It’s GMC’s first fully electric vehicle, powered by next-generation EV propulsion technology that provides unrivaled off-road capability and exceptional on-road performance. Large electric vehicles no longer have to compromise rock crawling and freeway performance. Whether to crab walk through off-road obstacle courses or just enjoy a deluxe family road trip, the electric Hummer is made to do it all.

GMC Hummer EV Specifications

As an SUV or truck, this vehicle already stands out with the Crab Walk mode, but it’s also one of the most powerful all-electric vehicles. The Hummer EV SUV configuration produces up to 830 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque. It can also accelerate from zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds with the right equipment. While the truck version has the same remarkable 11,500 lb-ft of torque as the SUV version, it gets 10,000 horsepower, can accelerate from zero to 60 in three seconds with the right upgrades, and has a towing capacity of 7,500 lbs.

The GMC Hummer EV SUV has a maximum charge travel range of 300 miles or more, according to GM estimates, and Hummer EV Pickup models get 350 or more. It also features hands-free supercruise and other cutting-edge driver protection features, as well as an infinity roof with modular sky panels. It also has gigantic infotainment screens and an interior you can customize to be work-ready and luxurious in all the right places.

Complementary Features

The electric Hummer also offers an available Extract Mode to lift the vehicle up to 6 inches higher off the ground, a great tool in tandem with Crab Walk. If you hit an obstacle that you might not be able to cleanly climb up, Extract Mode can give you the body height you need, which is excellent for rock-crawling up or down a hill.

GMC is asking a lot of daring questions with this vehicle. For instance, UltraVision asks “Why should vehicles only have rear and side cameras?” This available feature adds several under-body cameras to show a live feed of the vehicle’s base and lower sides. This mode is perfect for rock crawling and allows you to switch to different camera feeds with one touch.

The Hummer EV’s capability to crab walk, enter a lifted extract mode, and more all give it a capability that no other electric vehicle can match. You won’t have to “shell out” too much for a crab-walking Hummer EV at Sweeney Buick GMC. The manufacturer’s plans are confirmed for a 2023 model year, and we can’t wait to deliver Hummer EV models throughout Youngstown, Ohio, at unbeatable prices. For now, feel free to check our inventory for a new GMC or new Buick. Interested in reserving a new Hummer? Feel free to reach out to our Buick GMC dealership!

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